Understanding Fair Trade

The Power of Your Weekly Shop

Every purchase you make, even the smallest items in your weekly shopping, can influence the lives of people living thousands of miles away. Moreover, choosing Fair Trade isn't just about altruism. Fair Trade products are sustainably grown, ensuring a better future for all of us, and providing superior nutrition due to the preservation of the soil's health.

Fair Trade in Your Local Economy

Surprisingly, Fair Trade products often originate closer to home than you might imagine. Businesses in Scotland and throughout Europe are adhering to Fair Trade standards in their design and manufacturing processes, creating sustainable and lasting businesses, and contributing to our economy.

What more could you possibly want from products you purchase? They're good quality, they help make life better for people all over the world, and buying Fair Trade simply makes you feel good!

Fair Trade or Fairtrade: What's the Difference?

While they sound similar, there’s a significant distinction between Fairtrade (one word) and Fair Trade (two words). Fairtrade, as a single word, is a trademark owned by FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International). It certifies that appropriate standards have been met in the production of the product. On the other hand, Fair Trade as two words is a generic term, embodying the concept of fair, open, and honest trade that benefits everyone involved.

Our Focus and Mission

Fair Trade Stirling champions both the generic sense of Fair Trade and the certified Fairtrade principles. We were instrumental in coordinating the effort to achieve Stirling’s Fairtrade City status, authorised by FLO’s Fairtrade Towns program, and we continue striving towards expanding this to a Fairtrade Zone for the entire Stirling Council area. Our mission is to ensure that Fairtrade products are widely available and to increase awareness of Fairtrade goals and products in Stirling.

Fair Trade Organisations

There are many organisations across the world involved in Fair Trade, from local producer initiatives to major international organisations.

In the UK, you’re most likely to run across the Fairtrade Foundation. This is the organisation which regulates Fairtrade labelling of products in the UK, organises Fairtrade Fortnight, and promotes Fairtrade Towns, Cities and Zones.

The Fairtrade Foundation is, in fact, the British arm of the Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO). This is the international body which sets the standard for Fairtrade products, promotes trade justice and supports Fair Trade producers, and co-ordinates Fairtrade strategy across the world.

However, there are many organisations promoting Fair Trade in the more general sense. One of the biggest is the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), which advocates, promotes and builds the market for Fair Trade across the globe.